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Install Docker on a Azure Linux VM, upload a docker image to Azure Container Registry and Deploy a Azure Container Instance Part 2 – Install a linux VM in Azure

First let’s create the VM. You can read more about it in Azure docs here.

First create a resource group to hold your VM and other resources.

az group create --name TutorialResources --location eastus

Next let’s create the Ubuntu VM.

az vm create --resource-group TutorialResources \
  --admin-username azureuser
  --name TutorialVM1 \
  --image UbuntuLTS \
  --generate-ssh-keys \
  --output json \

Once done try and connect using ssh and the public IP adress that displayed as part of the verbose output.

ssh azureuser@ip-adress

There we go! Now in the next post we’ll install docker.

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