An Unity game – Aliens Attack!

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My three months project creating a complete from-the-ground-up Unity game


  • 3 levels
  • C# programming including methods, loops, coroutines etc.
  • Player controls
  • Rigidbodys
  • Collisions
  • Boss fight
  • Spawn manager
  • Particle effects
  • Original 3D objects
  • Original Music
  • Original Art

3D models including animation

All game models were made using Blender.

Gameplay management and game engine

The game is made in Unity with gameplay programming for game management, coroutines, game player controls, triggers and colliders that interact with the player.

Scene flow

Scenes transition based on world interaction with reusable objects.

Music and sound effects

Music is composed in LMMS including sound effects.

Stage 1 – Spawn Manager, tracking objects, collision physics

This stage focuses on the controls, spawning targets and how objects can track each other in space.

Stage 2 – Triggers, lights and emotional aspects

This map was more about using a different vehicle as well as getting the change to use different lightning and presenting a different mood.

Stage 3 – Score, random objects and properties

This final stage includes Score from a shared class, random objects spawning in the order from yellow to red and tags comparison.

Creating this game was an absolute blast! You can try it our here.