Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris (Project-Centered Course) – Part 1

So I decided to take upon myself this course from Coursera. I’ve looked at the book for a long time but not really taken the plunge. So here goes. First and foremost we need Java and the files. Next there are some terminology you should learn. The hardware simulator takes in the HDL programming file […]

2 mins read

Implement task processing logic by using Azure Functions Part 3 – Create a function that’s triggered by an HTTP request

Now let’s create a new function inside our function project. Next create the code as instructed in the lab documents here. Now it’s time to test your local Azure Function! Run the command below and go to your function adress. In postman type the Function App url and content a message and watch your Functionapp […]

1 min read

Implement task processing logic by using Azure Functions Part 2 – Configure local Azure Functions project

Before you create your function make sure that you have enabled the Azure Functions extension in visual studio code. Create the functionapp and select dotnet Get the connectionstring for your azure storage Now go into your Azure functions project and change the storage account to your storage account connection string. Save and build In the […]

1 min read

Retrieving Azure Storage resources and metadata by using the Azure Storage SDK for .NET Part 3 – Access containers using .NET SDK

Now we’ll create a .NET project which will access the containers. Create a new dotnet program inside the blobmanager starter folder. Also get the storage blob package and then build the web application. Next jump to the github page and get the code templates and update the strings with the values you collected in part […]

1 min read