Introduction to Microsoft Cloud Services, .NET framework and C# programming language

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Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsofts cloud services.

.NET & C#

.NET is a framework, C# an OOP language.

Let’s get started!

First let’s learn the basics of Microsoft .NET and C#

Create a .NET Core console application

First learn how to create a .NET Core app!

Define a class in C# and create two instances of the class

Next its time to define your very own class!


Now that you’ve been introduced to .NET and C# it’s time to move on to Microsofts cloud service Azure!

Using Azure from Visual Studio Code

First let’s download Visual Studio Code and set it up so you can access Azure.

Create an Azure Function using Visual Studio Core

Now that you’re familiar with Visual Studio Code it’s time to create an Azure Service!

Run a Rasperry Pi simulator and connect to an Azure IoT hub

After you’ve created a function it’s time to move on to using Azures IoT hub service.

Great work!

Now you’ve completed the introduction! Time to go out and make the world a better place!